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At Beautera, we take pride in serving the needs of the cosmetology, barber and aesthetics industry. Our focus is on providing exceptional products that are both high quality and environmentally friendly. We truly care about each and every one of our clients and work hard to give them a personalized experience. Our clients range from independent professionals to large chains with multiple locations. We offer an exclusive selection of top hair, barber, and skincare brands that are only available to licensed professionals.

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Our Roots

Why work with Beautera?

We provide our clients with exceptional, salon quality, professional beauty products with a passion for preserving the environment. Our assistance enables them to offer quality beauty services, empowering their clients to feel confident in their own skin. 


We come to Beautera with extensive experience on the manufacturing side of the professional beauty business prior to acquiring this business.  Started my career of roughly 30 years with a large manufacturer managing the western region, and most recently in sales to national and worldwide distribution.  Erika not only worked alongside me for all these years but also had her own career in sales, marketing, purchasing, and real estate. All of which are perfectly suited for this new endeavor. We're the perfect team! We saw an opportunity to pivot and yet stay in the business I've spent most of my career. It was a natural choice and an opportunity for a new chapter for us. So this is an exciting time for us and a time to unveil and share our vision. We feel that now is the right time. 

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